My Poetry Page
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Welcome to my poetry page.Let me know what you think of my poetry.


The stars in the sky.
Twinkling lights.
Against a black void.
Bright lights.
In a sea of darkness.


Alone in my room.
Staring at the walls.
The nights are so long.
Dispear looms.
Years roll by.
And i'm all alone.


Outside the window.
I watch them take flight.
Flapping their wings.
As they head into the sunset.

Ode To Friendship

True friends are always there when you need them.
Whether you just need to talk.
Or need a shoulder to cry on.
True friends are special and rare.
If you have one hold them dear.


Rain falling from the sky.
Hitting my window pane.
The sound so loud.
The wind howling.
Like a lost child in a storm.

Lost Love

You ripped my heart out.
It's torn into a million pieces.
It's like a knife twisting in my heart.
I'm left with nothing.
An empty space.
The pain so raw.
I feel like i'm dying from it.

Angel Wings

My arms move like angel wings.
I float up into the clouds.
I enter a dream world.
Were everything is peaceful and calm.
I float around.
Not wanting to return to leave this dreamlike place.
But i know i must return.
So i float back to earth.

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