X-Files Erotic Story Sites and Other Erotic Story Sites.
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This page contains erotic story links.Hope you like them.

Warning These Links Go To Sites That Have Adult Themes.If You Are Offended Or Your Underage Then Don't Go To The Links.Hell You Shouldn't Even Be On This Page.All Flames Will Cheerful Be Ignored.
I started to read erotic fan fiction and other erotic fiction about 6 months ago.My favorite authors are:Red Valerian,Batela,
Xanthe's,Leyla Harrison,Brenda Antrim,Lyrica,Sergeeva,
Aghostwriter and Joan E Lloyd.
The X-Files FanFiction Archive

Xanthe's FanFiction


Brenda Antrim FanFiction

Gertie's Romantic-Angst X-Files FanFiction

Walter Torture

Batela's Home Page(X-Files Fan Fiction)

Aghostwriter's Erotic Stories

Joan Elizabeth Lloyd Official Site

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