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I started watching The X-Files in 96.The first eposode i saw was Quagmire.Since then i have seen every eposode.My favorites are:Pilot,Squeeze,Ice,Eve,Beyond The Sea,Tooms,The Erlenmeyer Flask,The Host,Duane Barry,Acsension,One Breath,Irresistible,Die Hand die Verletzt,The Colony,End Game,Humbug,Anasazi,The Blessing Way,Paper Clip,Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose,Nisei,731,War Of The Coprohages,Syzygy,Piper Maru,Apocrypha,Pusher,Jose Chung's From Outer Space,Avatar,Quagmire,Wetwired,Talitha Cumi,Herrenvolk,Home,The Field Were I Died,Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man,Tunguska,Terma,Paper Hearts,Leonard Betts,Never Again,Memento Mori,Small Potatoes,Elegy,Zero Sum,Demons,Gethsemane,Redux,Redux II,Unusal Suspects,Christmas Carol,Emily,Kitsunegari,Chinga,Bad Blood,Patient X,The Red And The Black,Mind's Eye,All Souls,The End,The Begining,Triangle,Dreamland,Dreamland 2,How The Ghosts Stole Christmas,Rain King,SR.849,Two Fathers,One Son,Monday,Arcadia,Milagro,The Unnatural,Three Of A Kind,Field Trip,Biogenesis,The Sixth Extintion,The Sixth Extintion:Amor Fati,and Millenium,Orison,The Amazing Maleeni,Sein Und Zeit,Closure,X-Cops,First Person Shooter,all things,Requiem and Within.

Ready for the links?.Here goes.....
Gillian Anderson Site

Gillian Anderson Official Site

Agent Chole's Fictional X-Files

Nick Lea Site

Mulder+Scully=True Love

All About The X-Files,Gillian and David

The M&S Love Connection


Rohan's X-Files Realm

The X-Files:Search For The Truth

The X-Files Office

SkepticalScully's X-Files Archive of Stuff

David Duchovny Site

If you want links to X-Files fan fiction sites let me know.I didn't put them on here as most have adult themes.
If you know of any great X-Files Sites please email me the URL and i will check it out and if it's great i will add it.
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